Technical Support

The know-how acquired through research allows us to support our customers right from the very first phases of their projects. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are the basis for an effective treatment.

Research and Development

We collaborate with prestigious Italian universities regarding research topics such as optimization of fatigue resistance on building materials, the generation of nanostructures for dynamic re-crystallization and the research for an analytical method to foresee the benefits of shot peening. Furthermore we develop research on specific topics for our customers. The experiments may go from the most simple to a complete integrated project of an integrated design.

Consultancies and Seminars

The Know how that we acquired in more than twenty years of work and research enables us to participate as professors at specialized university courses and international conferences of the most prestigious organizations of the sector. To supply further technical support to our customers and to spread the culture of “Surface Engineering” we organize “ad hoc” company courses.


International Conference on Shot Peening

ICSP 6th – 1996 – San Francisco, USA
ICSP 7th – 1999 – Varsavia, POLONIA
ICSP 8th – 2002 – Garmisch Partenkierchen, GERMANIA
ICSP 9th – 2005 – Parigi, FRANCIA
ICSP 10th – 2008 – Tokyo, GIAPPONE
ICSP 11th – 2011 – South Bend Indiana, USA
ICSP 12th – 2014 – Goslar, GERMANIA
ICSP 13th – 2017 – Montreal, CANADA

Electronics Incorporated

EI Workshop 2004 – Goteborg, SVEZIA
EI Workshop 2005 – Dallas, Texas USA
EI Workshop 2006 – Indianapolis, Indiana USA
EI Workshop 2007 – Chandler, Arizona USA
EI Workshop 2008 – Sinsheim, GERMANIA
EI Workshop 2009 – Albuquerque, Nuovo Messico USA
EI Workshop 2010 – St Louis, Missouri USA
EI Workshop 2012 – Chicago, Illinois USA
EI Workshop 2013 – Goslar, GERMANIA
EI Workshop 2013 – Nantes, FRANCIA
EI Workshop 2013 – Scottsdale, Arizona USA
EI Workshop 2015 – Irvine, California USA
EI Workshop 2016 – Indianapolis, Indiana USA
EI Workshop 2018 – Chicago, Illinois USA
EI Workshop 2019 – Orlando, Florida USA

Metal Finishing News

MFN Workshop 2004 – Coventry, INGHILTERRA
MFN Workshop 2005 – Dusseldorf, GERMANIA
MFN Workshop 2007 – Venezia, ITALIA
MFN Workshop 2008 – Venezia, ITALIA
MFN Workshop 2010 – Venezia, ITALIA
MFN Workshop 2011 – Venezia, ITALIA
MFN Workshop 2012 – Venezia, ITALIA
MFN Workshop 2014 – Venezia, ITALIA

Institute of Spring Technology

Meeting 2009 – Roncadelle (BS), ITALIA

Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia

Convegno 2013 – Rivalta (TO), ITALIA
Convegno 2013 – Piacenza, ITALIA
Convegno 2015 – Milano, ITALIA
Convegno 2017 – Trento, ITALIA
Convegno 2018 – Provaglio (BS), ITALIA


Convegno 2018 – Brescia, ITALIA


Criteria for the use of controlled shot peening
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1991-1992

Effects of residue tensions on fatigue resistance
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1993-1994

Characterization of the shot peening process through experimentation projects
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1994-1995

Reduction of variance in the shot peening process
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1995-1996

Fatigue behavior of nitrided and shot peened steel
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1997-1998

Relaxation of residue tensions due to turning and shot peening
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 1999-2000

Experiment projects on measurement of fatigue resistance of high performance gear wheels
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 2002-2003

The influence of shot peening on fatigue life of high performance gear wheels
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 2004-2005

Influence of tribofinishing on life fatigue of high resistance steel sprocket wheels
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 2007-2008

Severe shot peening to obtain nanostructured surfaces
Doctoral Thesis – 23rd Cycle

Structural optimization of a system for cephalic tightness
Graduation Thesis – Academic Year 2016-2017