“From the very start I realized what extraordinary potential shot peening and surface treatments had but also the inherent technological difficulties. I devoted myself to research and in order to do it as best as possible we created a kind of network with several Italian universities. Since then know how and research have been our leit-motiv”
Michele Bandini
General Manager

Remo Norelli


“The spirit of a company can be seen in the eyes of the founder. But its identity lies in the face of all the people that build it day after day”

Michele Bandini

General Manager

“Knowing one’s objectives and potential deeply and keeping on being surprised along the way gathering new stimuli and setting new goals”

Luca Camocardi

Production Manager

“If it’s quality to set the objectives, it is character that defines the goals”

Maria Lucia Ciniero

Quality and Purchasing Manager

“The quality of what we touch often depends on something intangible. For instance, listening, pondering, debate”

Manuela Trevisani

Administration Manager

“You need energy to get to the mountaintop. And enthusiasm to spot the next one and organize the next climb”

Marco Ferrari

Quality Manager and Management Assistant

“To pull one’s weight means giving all of yourself. It is not only experience and dedication: it’s taking your job in a personal way”

Roberto Padovan

Production Engineering Manager

“Having method means knowing where to look, but also being open to new points of view, dosing competence and curiosity”

Valentina Borghesi

Production Engineering

“Determination is the glue that binds continuous stimuli, innovation, daily challenges and strict, indispensable method”

Francesco Modaferri

Shift Manager

“Past experiences must not represent an obstacle to growth but instead a solid base for transformation”

Raffaele Manzoli

Shift Manager

Making one’s competences available to collaborators is what makes the difference in a highly competitive team”

Serena Dal Re

Logistics and Quality Control

“In the development of a company there’s the development of the people. It’s their drive to grow, it’s their human and professional determination”


We design and apply surface treatments in all mechanical sectors. The certifications that we obtained during these years testify our level of quality.

Customers’ Qualifications

The qualifications that we have obtained in the course of these years testify our level of quality.

Staff Qualifications

A methodical and continuous taking part to special courses in Europe and Overseas guarantees  the correct and constant qualification of operational staff in the field of surface treatments.