Shot Peening

Studies carried out by competent organizations such as NASA, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Research Centre and numerous universities in Italy and worldwide have demonstrated that shot peening is e very efficient means to increase fatigue resistance and to prolong the working life of many mechanical parts.

Research and Development

We collaborate with the most renowned Italian universities on topics such as fatigue resistance optimization of metals, nanostructure generation for dynamic re-crystallization and research for an analytical method to foresee the benefits deriving from surface treatments.

Technical Support

The know-how we acquired through research enables us to provide the right technical support for the correct design and application of a shot peening treatment. Should there be specific needs, we carry out research on specific problems for our customers.

14th International
Conference on Shot Peening

The 14th International Conference on Shot Peening will take place
at Politecnico Milan on Sept. 4-7, 2022
We are honored to host the 14th edition of the Conference in Milan,
organized by the Politecnico in partnership with us